BlackBerry 9720 - About GPS technology

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About GPS technology

Depending on your wireless service provider, this feature might not be supported.
You can use GPS technology on your BlackBerry smartphone to get your GPS location and to use location-based

applications and location-based services. Location-based applications can use your GPS location to provide you with

information such as driving directions.
If your smartphone does not have an internal GPS receiver or your wireless service provider does not support location-

based services and you want to use GPS technology, you can pair your smartphone with a Bluetooth enabled GPS receiver.

For more information, contact your wireless service provider.
If your smartphone is connected to a CDMA network and you make an emergency call or your smartphone is in Emergency

Callback Mode, an emergency operator might be able to use GPS technology to estimate your location.
Note: In an emergency, always provide the emergency operator with as much information as possible. Emergency

operators might not be able to estimate your location using only GPS technology.