BlackBerry 9720 - Turn on or turn off Application Resource Monitor

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Turn on or turn off Application Resource Monitor

Application Resource Monitor keeps track of apps running in the background and reports on any that are abusing system
resources and causing issues, such as lack of memory storage or memory fragmentation, sluggish performance, or lower
than expected battery life. You can set the options in Application Resource Monitor to automatically shut down apps that
are draining resources or to monitor these apps and prompt you before any action is taken when system abuses or storage
issues are found.


On the home screen or in a folder, click the Options icon.


Click Device > Application Resource Monitor.


Select or clear the Turn on Application Resource Monitor checkbox.


Choose the options you would like to use by selecting or clearing the following checkboxes:
• Automatically shutdown background draining applications
• Never interrupt audio streaming applications
• Monitor for low memory
• Monitor for fragmented memory
• Automatically recover fragmented memory

When you are prompted by Application Resource Monitor, it will appear either in the Notification Bar or in a dialog box,
depending on the action required. If you choose the ignore option, Application Resource Monitor will stop monitoring the
particular app it was reporting on.

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